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Vaaidehi Minerals Sample Application Bentonite Mineral Powder Eye Lashes is a new line of eyelashes with mineral powder for women with fair skin

Bentonite Mineral Powder Eye Lashes is a new line of eyelashes with mineral powder for women with fair skin

Bentonite mineral powders are the perfect solution for those with fair-skinned skin who need a light and healthy-looking look without the high-purity, high-priced makeup they often pay for.

A new line from Bentonite is launching in the US.

The brand, which makes the mineral-rich powders, says it’s the first product in the Bentonite range with a mineral content that doesn’t require the high prices that other brands typically charge.

“The product we are launching today is designed to help improve the texture and shine of our products, while keeping the price reasonable,” the Bentonite website states.

The mineral-packed powders have a high concentration of silicon dioxide, which is used to create the natural mineral-like properties of the mineral.

They also contain titanium dioxide, a chemical that is used in cosmetics and other industrial processes.

A Bentonite spokesman told the company has been testing its mineral-free products in the lab.

“Bentonite mineral powder is made from mineral powder with silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide as the two main ingredients, and a mixture of water and titanium oxide,” he said.

The Bentonites’ mineral-filled eyelashes can be applied with a brush or gel to the skin, but they are not recommended for use with the face.

The products come in a range of shades and colours, and are available for purchase online from, in beauty supply stores and at the Bentons’ Bentonite store in Sydney.

In the UK, the Bento-branded Mineral-Free Eye Liquid Eye Primer has been a hit with women, and the Bentone Mineral Eye Powder Eye Brushes are a popular option for women of all skin tones.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our products for our customers and our customers are always coming up with innovative ideas to improve their products,” the company’s founder, Rishi Benton, said.

“What we have found is that the Bentones’ products are a good solution for the fairer skinned and the fairest skin.”

So, we think that the natural look of our Mineral-free eye products is one that we want to offer to our customers who have fair- skin.

“Bentonites products are made from a mix of water, titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide.”

A Bentonette’s products are formulated with the highest concentration of mineral and titanium, with a balance of the two ingredients to ensure the natural feel of the product, while ensuring a smooth and natural application to your eyes,” the site says.”

They are available in a wide range of finishes and colours to suit every skin tone.

“A Bentona product, from left, is a mineral-based eye liquid, Bentonite Crystal Mineral Eyeliner, Benton Crystal Mineral Lip Gloss and Benton Color Free Eye Shadow, which retails for $8.99 at, in stores and online, or at for $16.95.


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