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Vaaidehi Minerals Sample Application New Australian mineral powder has ‘the power to cure anything’

New Australian mineral powder has ‘the power to cure anything’

The Australian Federal Government is launching a new mineral powder that promises to ‘cure anything’, it has been revealed.

The powder has been created by Australian mineral chemist Peter Stirling and will be available in a new Australian market later this year.

Dr Stirling is the founder of Dr Stirlings Laboratories, a research and development company that is currently working on a range of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals-grade mineral powder and bioproducts.

In an interview with ABC News, Dr Stirlings Laboratories director of innovation and commercial development, Peter McQuarrie, said the new mineral product would ‘reboot’ the industry.

“The mineral powder is very different to anything else that has been invented in Australia and around the world,” Dr Stunleys Laboratories founder and CEO, Dr Peter Mcquarrie said.

He said the company had been researching the use of mineral powders for over 30 years and they had developed a number of innovative solutions, including the use, extraction and purification of mineral compounds.

Mr McQuarfrys Laboratories founder Dr Peter Stunley said the aim was to bring the Australian mineral industry back into the spotlight and help make Australia the world’s leading supplier of mineral powder.

We are excited to be able to make this product available in Australia.

Dr Peter Cunliffe from Dr Stunning Laboratories, said Dr Stuns Laboratories new mineral formula was ‘a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of natural healing’.

He described the new formula as a blend of the world famous Indian herbal tea leaf, the Chinese medicinal herb known as qi, and the mineral powder known as the Malagasy-based ‘himalaya powder’.

“Our product will offer a complete solution to virtually any problem,” Dr Cunlliffe said.

“It’s a product that’s going to be used by all health practitioners, and anyone who’s interested in using it as a supplement or for their own health needs.”

Its a new product that has the power to fix anything.

“We are delighted that the Australian Government is going to give the Australian Mineral Industry a major boost in the form of a new brand and a new market opportunity.” “

[The new] mineral powder will be offered to the public in Australia in a few months’ time,” Dr McQuarres Laboratories director, Dr Mcquarns, said.

“We are delighted that the Australian Government is going to give the Australian Mineral Industry a major boost in the form of a new brand and a new market opportunity.”

The new mineral-rich powder, known as Malagas Gold, will be made available in three categories, Mr McQuarns said. 

The first, a high-grade powder, is for those with sensitive skin, with a base of Malagashan-type tea leaves.

It is formulated to be absorbed quickly by skin, as opposed to the more gentle and slower absorption of traditional mineral powdings.

Secondly, the high-end powder is a high grade mineral powder which will offer the mineral powding ingredients, including a natural extract of the Indian plant Malagasca root, and a mineral-infused extract of plant extracts called himalayan powder, which is more gentle than most mineral powdaries.

Thirdly, the premium powder, the advanced powder and the premium-grade-extract-infusion powder, are all high grade minerals powders.

Malagas Powder, Malagastan Gold, and Malagasia Extracts are sold in Australia by Dr Stunnleys Laboratories.

These products are used to treat conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and psoropharyngitis.

Australia’s leading mineral-producing state, Western Australia, was once home to many mineral powderies, including one of the largest production facilities in the Western Australian world, Dr Cunniffe said, which produced more than 30,000 tonnes of the mineral-based powders in 2017.

However, he said this was about to change as the mining industry moved to China.

Chinese imports of the high grade powders have declined and the demand for minerals in Australia is decreasing.

There is a big opportunity for Australian mineral powdists to tap into that market, Dr Carr said.

Dr McQuarie said that Dr Strenleys Laboratories was working with the Chinese government to secure an import permit to export the mineral products.

They are hoping to launch the first shipment in 2018.

The company said they were excited about the new Australian mineral product and were working hard to bring it to market as soon as possible.


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