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Vaaidehi Minerals News When the minerals get old – Bellapierre

When the minerals get old – Bellapierre

RTE 1 Today’s news in science and technology, plus…

The Bellapierres mineral powder.

Lava, lava rocks and more.

Mineral Powder: The latest news in minerals and mining.

More stories from around the world.

RTE 2 Today’s science news and reviews, plus: The New Horizons spacecraft is in orbit around Pluto.

The next big discovery: a massive new planet.

More news from around Europe.

RTV 6 Today’s Science TV news and review, plus the first news from the International Space Station.

This is the story of the space station, where NASA astronauts live and work.

RTFE 1 Today in Science: The International Space Agency, with special guests: a team of scientists working to understand how asteroids and comets can impact Earth.

The first results from the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope.

The US Navy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, led by the Navy’s Chief Technology Officer, is developing the next generation of submarines.

The UK’s Royal Navy is working to create a fleet of aircraft carriers.

RTCP 1 Today Science: What’s in your daily dose?

A look at the day’s headlines, plus an in-depth look at a few of the most interesting discoveries of the day.

This was the BBC News podcast of the year.

RTAE 1 The Science and Technology Education Agency (STEMA), with special guest: Dr. David MacKay.

In this podcast, MacKay explains why it’s so important to engage kids in STEM careers.

More science stories from the BBC.

RTPE 1 Science and technology news and a special interview.

This podcast was produced by BBC News and the BBC Radio 4 science team.

RTRP 1 The RTS, Science and Transportation Policy Program.

This programme covers the state of the science and engineering workforce in Britain and Europe.

This article was produced in collaboration with the BBC World Service.

RTHS 1 Today on Science, plus a selection of recent headlines.

The latest on new discoveries, and the latest news on the BBC’s news programme.

RTM 1 Science & Technology, plus The RTF, Science & Transportation Policy.

The RTR, Science, Technology and Transport Policy, covers science, technology and engineering issues in the UK and Europe, with a focus on the future of Britain and the EU.

RTTM 1 Today Today in Today: A look back at science and discovery.

Science and Discovery is an all-day, weekly science show.

Listen to today’s headlines in the morning, or catch up on previous days’ programmes in the evening.

The Today programme is produced by Radio Times, BBC News, Radio 4 and Radio 5 live, with support from the National Science Foundation and the Royal Society of Arts.

Follow the Today programme on Twitter at @RTSscience and on Facebook at RTSscience.

RTS Science and Research: The Future of the World Science and Engineering Education: Science, technology, and innovation in the 21st Century BBC News & Observer Science & Education Correspondent James Clark is the editor of RTS.

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