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Vaaidehi Minerals Terms The story of the most expensive, most expensive diamond ever mined

The story of the most expensive, most expensive diamond ever mined

By: Nick Giambrone and Ben Goldacre The story about how a gem named Joppa Minerals came to be in a tiny village in Papua New Guinea in 2015 has become one of the countrys most expensive diamonds ever mined.

The gem was mined in 2012 and sold for about $200 million.

It is the largest single diamond ever sold in the history of the Australian market and one of only a few diamonds in the world that have not been found in PNG.

According to the ABC, it took about four months to dig the diamond out of the sandstone in a remote area in the north of Papua New Guineans territory.

Joppa Mineraries owner Peter McLeod was a keen golfer and was looking for an affordable option for his wife to get out and explore the country, so he decided to go out on a limb and mine the diamond himself.

He chose the village of Kupangasara because it was close to the nearest town, Togungu, and was situated near the border with PNG.

The mine was originally set to be dug in 2014, but the mine was halted by the threat of a typhoon that hit the area in January that year.

After the typhoon, Mr McLeod decided to start mining again, and he was rewarded by an offer of $600,000 for his first find.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived, but my initial impression was a big, big stone,” Mr McLean said.

Mr McLean told the ABC the diamond was worth $300,000 when he first saw it, but his initial estimate was closer to $300 million when he was told about the price of the diamond.

Despite the price tag, the first finds were so impressive that he decided that if the price was right, he would do the same thing for another find.

Mr Mclellas first find took place in March last year, and it was estimated at $400,000.

At the time of his first discovery, Mr McGlells wife said that the diamonds were worth $200,000, but he only paid $60,000 after the first find, which he estimated to be worth $400 to $500,000 now.

A year later, in February 2019, Mr McClelles wife told him she had bought the diamond, and the diamond went for about three times its original price.

Since then, Mr Maclellis wife said the price has dropped to about $300 to $400 per stone, and that the price is up to $650 per stone.

Although the price had fallen from its original level, Mr McMellas wife said it was still worth the money and would not have sold had she not paid for it.

In a statement to the AFP, Mr Mcllell says that the family will never give up hope of finding the diamond and that he is determined to continue mining for diamonds in PNG until the country is free of its mines.

But the family is not the only one hoping to find the diamond in PNG, and some are already hoping to bring the diamond to the United States.

Last year, an estimated 300 people were working to dig a tunnel under the PNG government-owned mine.

PNG’s government said it is hoping to dig at least one tunnel to be built by the end of 2020, and Mr Macllas wife hopes to start digging in 2019.

And with an estimated $10 billion in foreign investment, PNG’s economy is one of PNG’s largest and the mining sector is one that is well-connected with international business.

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